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Driving Network Growth with Referrals.

The crypto industry moves swiftly. It is constantly changing and is extremely volatile in sentiment which means you must have a robust go-to-market strategy...

A process parallel approach to streamlining MEV distribution.

An Open-Source MEV Engine in Typescript.

To understand the power of a MEV bot framework that you can build upon we must first discuss what MEV really is. For years, many referred to the concept as...

Highly Opinionated Primitive Interfaces.

In life, you are faced with challenges and problems every day. Rushing to find a solution, we work tirelessly to find the highest return solution that can...

Highly opinionated interfaces

Advocating for a Leased Society.

The current hot topic of the NFT industry is royalties from the dilapidated implementation of incongruent fee grifting to the obsessive collectors screaming...

Cyclical progression

The Cyclical Nature of Learning Something.

Challenging and complex topics are often difficult to learn. With the introduction of new concepts, we are forced to re-evaluate our understanding of the world...


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X Years of Experience is a Bad Requirement.

Ethereum had its official release on July 30th, 2015. That is just 76 months of maximum work experience available since the day of Ethereum. Additionally, Ethereum...


Improvement as Self-Inflicted Punishment.

When life gets tough many are quick to blame the actions that led them there. In the pursuit of self-improvement, we burden ourselves with a heavy weight...

Two roads going opposite directions.


I have spent the last several years immersed in primitive and protocol development for the EVM ecosystem. If you are interested in leveling up the experience of your product, get in touch.

Non-dilutive NFT collections with mimetic metadata

Digitally Tokenized Badges as Credentials.

For many people in Web3, badges are often referred to and used in conversation as signals of social recognition or participation. As tokens...

Buying Content for Your Digital Platform.

You've done it. You've put in hundreds of hours. Tens of thousands of dollars. And countless more things you never expected to give up. But you finally have a fantastic...

Mimetic Metadata: Non-dilutive ERC-721s.

In the last six months of NFTs, collections have increasingly begun using fancy tactics to control their supply and the liquidity flowing within their ecosystem...

Non-dilutive NFT collections with mimetic metadata

Play to Progress: a Play to Earn Model.

Every person in the Web3 industry, builder or not, seems to be focused on finding consistent fountains of alpha. Following an ever-evolving strategy, we've...


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